Dear Crestwood families,

Each year, Crestwood Association of Parents and Teachers (CAPT) provides Crestwood with funding to help our children receive an exceptional education. In past years, we have raised money through a lot of different fundraisers. This year, we’ve decided to take a new approach to raising money. We’ve reduced the number of fundraisers we’re planning to hold, and we’re asking Crestwood families to instead donate directly to CAPT. In the spirit of Thanksgiving, let’s raise $5,000 in donations.

Your tax-deductible donation to CAPT will fund Crestwood’s fun activities (like the costume dance), and help make our children’s academic experience a great one. (Art Night anyone?) In order to achieve our goal, we suggest that each Crestwood family donates $25-100. Gifts of any amount are greatly appreciated and tax deductible (CAPT is a 501c3 nonprofit organization).

CAPT supports both academic enrichment and social events at Crestwood including Explore Art, Science and Poetry nights, Art Appreciation, outdoor education, the school garden and orchard, field trips and the healthy snack program. We also support Crestwood staff and classrooms through grants for technology (like iPads and smart boards), musical instruments, books and classroom supplies. And that’s not all! Our family social events include the ice cream social, fall costume dance, game night, fun run and picnic, and Crestwood’s Got Talent. All of these amazing programs help Crestwood excel.

Our decision to cut back on fundraisers is based on the results of a CAPT survey of Crestwood families and staff. We found that many people felt pressured to buy unwanted items to support Crestwood. We are keeping our “fun” fundraisers that help engage kids, families and staff in our school community. These include the Caper, fun run, Square One Art, REAP Wisconsin, bake sales and our holiday bazaar.

Thank you for supporting Crestwood students and classrooms through a donation to CAPT. Please use the attached form to send your donation to the school. Or you can safely donate online at: If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact a CAPT board member listed below.

In Appreciation,
CAPT Board: Stefany Grainger, Jaimie Harkrader, Ben Daggett, Rebecca Auerbach, Laurie Reinhardt, Mike Kollath, Chantel Schmitz, Dr. David Bray, Karen Lenoch and Andy Waity

PS: Please share this letter and link with grandparents and others who might want to make a tax-deductible gift to Crestwood!

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